Matija Marohnić

    A design-savvy frontend developer from Croatia. I love React and enjoy creating delightful, maintainable UIs. Besides frontend, I also like to write about love, sex and relationships.

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    Taking Control of Your Git History

    Git is an indispensable tool for recording the history of our source code. This history increases in value the older that project gets; it is a unique archive of collaboration and hard work that describes how the project became what it is today. I wanted to write about the short and long term value of committing code, but I don’t want this series of posts to be just another set of Git commands, I want to explain why we’re doing this before we start geeking out.

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    Parts of this series:

    1. The Importance of Git History
    2. Staging Accurately
    3. Editing History
    4. Resolving Conflicts

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