A Fictional Web App for Creating Comic

Occasionally I like to draw a short comic or two, but it takes so… much… time. I struggle with the silliest things because I have to do most of it by hand. I’d love it if there was a more specialized software which makes it easier to create decent comics. This fictional web app would…

…encourage you to follow the Comic Book Grammar & Tradition.

…be a social network for comic artists. No website maintenance needed, just put your ideas out there. Kind of how Medium is for writers.

…allow you to create responsive comics. Depending on how simple your frames are, the comic would scale well on mobile devices, hopefully eliminating horizontal scrolling.

…make creating decent comics easy for beginners. Anyone will be able to make a complete comic without ever leaving the app. Don’t know how to draw? No problem! Drop one of the sample stick figures and place them in a desired pose.

…utilize SVG as much as possible and generally care a lot about file size. Some excellent comics like False Positive are really heavy, especially for mobile. The sample characters and objects would all be vector graphics. But you would still be able to do your own raster thing if necessary.

…have very advanced controls for managing speech bubbles. You would be able to customize everything. Is the character whispering? Use dashed stroke around the bubble. Are they yelling? Use burst bubbles. Are the two speech bubbles coming from the same character? Connect them the way you want and customize that connector. The text inside would be set in a quality comic font with a wide character set and be indexable by search engines.

…have fun experimental stuff like animation and sound. Imagine a comic with an animated campfire and cricket sounds.

…have a big variety of frames. Angled frames, round frames, frames within frames, you name it! You would even be able to draw a custom one, that shape would be used as a mask for your artwork.

If you’re into making comics, which features would you like to see?