Hi there!

My name is Matija, I’m a frontend developer from Zagreb, Croatia (Europe 😆 🌍). My current focus is developer experience, I like learning about tools like bundlers, compilers, task managers etc.

Open source

I used to do a lot of open source, starting with contributing to Yeoman generators, which is how I learned Grunt and gulp. My next big collaboration was React Transition Group, which I was using for a long time. Finally, as a frequent contributor to MDX I was accepted into their core team, where I learned a ton about the unified ecosystem, and have been developing personal plugins ever since. If we want to get meta, the text you’re reading right now is written in MDX, and this site is available as a GitHub repo. ✨

Other than learning a lot about development, I gained nice friendships and learned many valuable interpersonal skills trough open source, and I would recommend it to everyone.


While my main focus these days is frontend tooling, I used to code a lot of CSS. In modern develpment I noticed that CSS development unfortunately often falls by the wayside, so I’m co-organizing an (S)CSS meetup as a way to teach and keep learning about CSS.

Getting personal

I really like watching comedy, playing guitar and listening to podcasts. One unconventional thing about me is that I’m polyamorous, but I live in quite a conservative country, so I started organizing a local poly meeting, which is a wonderful experience and enabled me to meet many great poly people. 🥰