Intro to ESLint (ft. Daft Punk)

If you've never tried ESLint, I strongly recommend it. Setting it up will make things harder, better, faster, stronger.

CSS Preprocessing Drama

Lately there has been some talking on the Twitters about Sass, PostCSS, cssnext etc., even Chris Coyer wrote a CSS-Tricks post about it. People use PostCSS for all sorts of stuff, but I’ll focus mainly on Chris’ post. I think this is a non-issue, but there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of #hotdrama :wink:

Selenium testing workflow with WebdriverIO

This was my goal — to run a single command (say npm test) which would install necessary Selenium drivers, fire up Selenium and HTTP servers, run integration tests (with Mocha), and finally close both servers. I didn’t find a straightforward tutorial for this, so here’s my own.

Getting the most out of Bower

Bower is great. I needed a package manager like that. But by itself it’s not extremely useful because after installing a component you still have to manually link it. This is tedious, especially when there are a lot of assets per component. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just run bower install --save <component> and have everything else just happen?